About Us

BtanJerine was born out of love.  I guess you could say it was something of a “love child”.   BtanJerine was created to stand out from the ordinary, mundane and generic.
BtanJerine is composed of two foot loose and fancy free jet setters who travel to far flung corners of the universe with babies strapped to our backs in hot pursuit of rare African turquoise, Peruvian opal, and Jade from the Orient.
Our inspiration is drawn from creative friends, decadent art, and everyday events.  Each piece is designed to be funky, fun, and unpredictable.
At the heart of BtanJerine we are quality, sustainability and supporting local exchanges.
 All of our pieces are handmade in Southern California with many vintage, reclaimed, and repurposed pieces.  Many of our creations are one of a kind, or produced in small batches to savor the feeling of  wearing something truly special.
Our name BtanJerine came from how we felt about our jewelry, its fresh, vibrant, and slightly off beat.  And if we were a fruit it would definitely be a tangerine.  We incorporated our initials B & J, and there you have it, pronounced “Be TanJerine!” 

P.S.  We love to barter!  So if you have something that you'd like to trade, please drop us a line at:
btanjerine@gmail.com (or if you just want to say hello!)

Thank you for visiting,  and thanks for supporting things handmade!

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