Friday, December 5, 2008

December 5,2008 Elaina's Revamping Soiree

Wow what a great event!  We did a revamp soiree where we took a piece of their old jewelry and gave it new life.  
I worked on a piece for Candice.  She brought a necklace that was given to her from an old boyfriend.  Definite re-vamping material!  And re-vamp we did!  We took a wood, seed necklace on twine, and mixed different mediums, black pearls, chain, silk ribbon, and mother of pearl to name a few of the ingredients.
Jean-Marie took two necklaces, one a strand of turquoise and the other was a melange of stones and chain and made one necklace.  Creating a funky piece that was very versatile and went well with a few new pieces of clothing that she recently purchased. Who knew that two necklaces that got no action would turn into a show stopping piece!  
We loved that  everyone was involved in the creative process.  "I love that you guys make the jewelry right there on the spot!", was a common comment that we found.  And we liked that too.  It's nice to know that you are recycling something old to make something new.  So that means that there are absolutely no carbon foot prints, which means this is an environmental savvy soiree!

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77free said...

Cool. Everyone is into vintage and repurposing so this is actually quite a unique idea. Sometimes you have pieces that you still like but don't like them in their current function. I love it!


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