Saturday, January 31, 2009

January 31, 2009 The Corsicans

Just off the coast of Sicily a tiny island exists named Corsica. Corsica is similar in terrain, and climate to southern California. Our friends Priscillia and Frederic taught us much about the French language, as well as the culture. One night they made us a baked banana with Nutella. Can I just say...Amazing! I will never look at a banana the same! Merci!

We wanted to make something special for Prisicillia and noticed that she liked to wear funkier, bolder colors, so Jean-Marie came up with a concept for some boucle d'oreille (earrings in french), a melange of crystals that made for a dramatic piece of jewelry. I came up with a simple boucle d'oreille (earrings) incorporating shells, pearls and crystals. They live by the beach so I thought that she would enjoy something she could wear when it was warm outside and maybe had a bit more skin exposed around her shoulders.

Jean-Marie thoroughly enjoyed the experience, as did I. And we look forward to seeing them again, hopefully Jean-Marie and I will both be a bit more fluent. A bientot!

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