Friday, May 28, 2010

Jewelry Tip 101

When Brit and I started BtanJerine we wanted it to be more than just selling handmade jewelry. We wanted our jewelry to touch lives...well not really. But, seriously, we wanted to provide our customers with accessory tips on how to mix n match, Jewelry tips on how to care for those accessories, and more. And so here is

Jewelry Tip 101
How to travel successfully with your jewelry 
Before every trip I tell myself that I am going to plan accordingly and pack several days in advance, etc, etc, etc. And does it ever happen rarely and now that I am a new mom, most likely will never happen from here on out. I usually pile my jewelry like I pile my clothes and it ends up looking like this: 

I then grab it and toss it in a bag. This is a HUGE no no. Why? because this destroys and breaks your precious accessories. So what can you do that is cost effective and space efficient to carry all your accessories? Start using small plastic jewelry bags

They come in all sizes. My favorite sizes for jewelry are the 2x2, 3x4, 5x7. They will keep your overnight accessory bag neat and clean. And I love that you can see all your jewelry easily so you now can use every piece rather than just always grabbing your favorite 'go to pieces'.

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britney said...

I love being organized! And this is a great tip. I've done this and it makes life so much easier!


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