Saturday, October 9, 2010

Buttons, Buttons & more buttons

We love buttons!!! You can do anything with buttons. We fell in love with buttons a few years ago when we started making our 'itty bit' earrings. Those were a hit and still are. They are so simple and always one of a kind. They are the perfect gift as well as the perfect thing to take while traveling. In the next week check out our Etsy store for our newest 'itty bits'.

Plastic buttons with a knotted silver silk cord. 

The other day we posted about our Vintage Button Rings. Well, that one is up at our Etsy shop and here is a sneak peak at a few rings I was working on today. Each was so different and unique. This is my new passion. 
Have a good weekend!!!

This ring was made from 3 plastic buttons. I love the colors. They are so vibriant. And I added a silk green cord to enhance the holes. It sits nicely on a silver adjustable ring. Its big...It's funky... And will make everyday happy...

The other day I was reading on Etsy about the latest trends. They listed a bunch of stuff but what caught my eye was military motif. Hmmm... I'm not that interested in that style typically but I ran across a bunch of silver buttons in my grandmothers vintage button collection that had that feel to them. What do you think of this ring? I LOVE it!! Large, Silver, Bold... 
Just how I like my jewelry!!

So BtanJerine needs a little help from our photographer friends out there. How would you like to do a little trade? We need help with taking photo's. We need someone to give me some tips on how to take photo's of our jewelry and We would be happy to
 send you home with a BtanJerine Original. 
Let me know if you can help me.


ShutterDee said...

omgoodness I LOVE THEM! you guys are WOW

YuMi P said...

Love them!!!! Congrats on the new ETSY site! :)


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