Monday, November 22, 2010

Featured Etsy Store: Brown Bag Bakery

  "..Death by chocolate is a myth...this I know because I live..." -Sia

Brit loves quotes and this is one of her favorites. "Chocolate has helped me through some pretty dark days and nights!  And I feel that the older & wiser I become, the more I appreciate chocolate and it's roll in my life", brit says.  I know she speaks of chocolate as a friend, and I think as women chocolate is a friend.  If a girlfriend is feeling down having someone to talk to, some chocolate, and perhaps some wine (if it's really bad) is just what the doctor ordered in most cases!

So with that being said, we introduce our newest favorite Etsy Store:

Brown Bag Bakery

chocolate covered caramel lollys

Death by Rum Roll
( I love this title)

orange flavored nanaimo bars

And here's their divine description:

this caramel is ridiculous. the bottom layer is peanut butter caramel.  middle is classic butter caramel.

on top is a layer of jelly caramel.  and then its all coated in chocolate.  told ya it was ridiculous.

for this purchase you will be receiving 1 pound of these chewy pbj & caramels.

you choose the flavor for the jelly layer, from:

grape, strawberry, blackberry, raspberry

So are you drooling yet?  Check out their host of other savory & sweet offerings at:

p.s. We also love that she's a busy mom too.  We love supporting fellow moms!

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