Monday, December 13, 2010


Well as many of you know we are two busy moms.    Z (Britney’s daughter)  is approaching the 3 year mark, while L (Jean Marie’s son) is 10 months old.  I know that I can speak for Jean Marie when I say that we wouldn’t want a life without our babies!  They both bring so much joy and laughter to our lives despite reduced sleep, and no longer being able to wear clothes that require dry cleaning!   I also love that since we are such great friends we can share the joys and trials of motherhood together, while we watch our babies grow and experience life through their eyes. 
One quandary we find as new mothers is that we have limited time for ourselves.  But we know it’s very important that as mothers we remember the women we were prior to diapers and widened hips J    So we endeavor to keep our spirit alive enjoying the things that we loved before becoming mothers.  So that our children are able to enjoy the best mothers possible, and they are able to be the best children possible!
We love you L & Z!


Felicia said...

Soo soo true Brit! Your babies are so adorable! What would we do wiithout them? Love you guys! xox

YuMi P said...

You two are amazing mothers to your children! :) Can't get enough of these two cutie pies!!


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