Saturday, March 5, 2011

The World of Cuff Links

Did you know that such a world existed?  Do you have cuffed shirts that are just sitting lonely in your closet just longing to be brought out into the world for that special occasion?  Sometimes it can seem to stuffy and formal to wear a cuffed shirt, but here are some great ways to show a bit of personal style, all the while keeping things professional.

There are cuff links for everyone...

The History Buff:

2nd Amendment US Constitution Tribute Chrome Cufflinks

If you would like to see more from Qacreate click here.

The Beverage Connoisseur:

Upcycled North Coast Brewing Company Beer Bottlecap Cufflinks

If you'd like to see more from Compass Rose Design click here.

And then there is us...

For the Artist:
by yours truly btanjerine.

And who says you have to be a businessman on wall street to wear cuff links?  Women can wear them too, and what a great way to dress up a cuffed shirt along with a pencil skirt!

We'll be putting our efforts toward making Cuff links for the next few postings at our Etsy shop. We've got quite a melange of different styles, from earthy tones to candy red to comic strips.  Its been fun making them and we hope that you enjoy them! 

Stop by our shop and say hello.  And if you don't see a color that suits you, let us know we would be happy to accommodate your artistic desires!

Have a great weekend All!

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