Friday, June 22, 2012

Currently Obsessed with....Minolta SLR


Recently I inherited the best hand me down ever... A Minolta SLR! It was my dads, and I have many fond memories of him carrying this camera around & taking shots of us during my childhood. 
Using an all manual camera takes some serious getting used to.  Since it is not easy to keep your subject in focus, especially if your subject is 3 feet tall and 2 years old! But I was up for the challenge. I just developed my first 2 rolls and here are 3 images I liked. 


P.S.  I have more to share with you, a few images from some expired film that was left in the camera, a few images that didn't come out so great, and what I learned from it all.


yumi said...

what an fabulous inheritance :) have fun experimenting! can't wait to see your other images!

BtanJerine said...

I know it's kind of exciting to not know what your going to get!


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