Tuesday, July 3, 2012

Everyday Foods Homemade: Caramel Sauce

Photo courtesy of Willow Bird Baking
Ok first of all this is my disclaimer.  Once you make this you will be addicted, and you will eat it all within day(s)!!! That being said,  consider yourself warned!!
The first time that I attempted to make caramel I swore that it would be the last, I burned my finger, started a small kitchen fire, and had to throw away the first batch....and then I tasted it!  I guess it’s like what they say about childbirth, you swear you’d never do it again, and then you see that babies face and you forget the whole 9 month ordeal (this was not my experience, but I have heard this said by more than one woman)!  And there you are pregnant again, (again not my experience).

his is the ultimate science experiment.  As the temperature changes the caramel goes through an amazing metamorphosis.  First it’s a liquid, then a solid, then it changes colors, then it turns back to a liquid.  It’s really quite fascinating.  I am always afraid that I’m doing it wrong every time.  I guess it’s just the nature of the beast to be extremely temperamental  (perhaps a thermometer would cure this problem.)

Anyhow I found the recipe on Pinterest via Willow Bird Baking.  They have a great blog with a fabulous collection of recipes.  This caramel sauce recipe was paired with a honey bun cake, and the recipe can be found here 

Taste Tester Approved!

Simple Perfection atop a fresh strawberry

This caramel is so wonderful, my fave way to eat it is just atop strawberries.  This way you are able to get the true essence of the caramel with out it being overwhelmed by any other flavors.  Others in my household prefer to make caramel sundaes with toasted pecans.  Either way you are in for a real treat!

Caramel Pecan Sundae
*** I usually quadruple the batch.  I figure for the trouble you might as well make it worth you time.

***I suggest that you do not attempt this around children since the temperature is extremely hot.  It's too dangerous to do around the wee ones.


NORRAH25 said...

WOW thanks for making this look so fun & easy

BtanJerine said...

Well thanks if you thought it sounded easy then that's wonderful...i am afraid it wasn't that easy :/ But the results are amazing!


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