Wednesday, July 25, 2012

Going Raw: Two Foodies On The Road To Going Au Natural

My BFF Jean Marie
     For those of you that are unfamiliar with a RAW lifestyle it is eating a diet solely of fruits, veggies and nuts, and nothing cooked over the temperature of 118. It has been proven that the benefits of living food are at the highest raw or below 118 degrees.  Once cooked the the nutritional value is significantly decreased.  
     Please know that we are no dietary experts or trail blazer in this regard,  we are just a couple of food enthusiast trying to make better, healthier decisions one meal at a time.  So for more detailed information I encourage you to check out a blog we find very resourceful in this regard at
     I had toyed with the idea of being RAW here and there, the first time being after the birth of Z (or while i was pregnant, don’t really remember too well now), but I had absolutely no idea how to do it right and so it didn’t last but a hot minute.  This time i’ve been seriously thinking about it, and trying it with more objective and intent.  It’s such a mental feat that’s the bear that I grapple with.  Immediate reaction with a face of sheer horror, “YOU mean I CAN’T eat bread, pasta, ice cream, or anything hot?”  That’s my heart speaking there.  My head knows all the reasonableness of making such a wonderful decision, but my heart just thinks about the sacrifice. Dumb heart!
     Through my coaching with Christine (at Just Glowing with Health aka Health Yoda), she has really tried to help me to see it as incorporating more fruits and veggies into my life, and not to think of it as a denial of certain foods, but an inclusion of others.  Somehow it feels better to think of it like that.

     Along this same time we got a blow when Jean-Marie went in for a minor outpatient surgery.  The doctor came back and told her that she had CANCER (more specifically a sarcoma)!  When she told me I was in complete shock, and I thought, “this was one of my BFF’s, she’s young, she takes great care of herself, she’s unbelievable positive, and the list goes on...” I really felt like, “that could have been me!” 
     So for that reason Jean-Marie has recently switched to an all RAW diet to kick this cancer.  And as I support her I am also trying to be more conscience of eating more in align with that type of lifestyle.
     Jean-Marie continues to be very positive and such an example for me on how to gracefully deal with the challenges that life throws us.  And so as part of her “posse”, we are going to get through this one day at a time together.  And hopefully you will be encouraged by her story too.  
     Doing such a drastic life change though requires some help, one professional that we rely on is Christine, she’s a registered nurse, a certified holistic nutrition practitioner and a certified natural health practitioner.  She also has a PH.d in  holistic nutrition.  Go Christine!  She is a wealth of knowledge, and author of the blog, where she showcases recipes, and tips to being, and staying raw.  She also coaches and has given us one on one coaching which has been invaluable in this process.


     Jean-Marie has been good at trying different recipes that are a bit more complex.  She tried Christine’s Raw Peach Cobbler, and so I had to try it.  The above picture are my results.  And here is the recipe.  Thanks Christine, and can i just say, it turned out amazing!  All of the non-raw friends LOVED IT!
More to come on this new adventure!


yumi said...

Such a great post and inspiration you two. Love you both immensely. JMP, you are kickin' this cancer's butt!!! How great that Christine has been able to help with her expertise!! :) :)

BtanJerine said...

WHy thanks Yumi! We feel the same way about you :)

BtanJerine said...

WHy thanks Yumi! We feel the same way about you :)

Christine Roseberry, RN said...

Great post. Both of you girls are such an inspiration and are keeping me inspired to keep doing what I'm doing knowing how it really can help people feel better. Thanks!
AKA Health Yoda! haha!


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