Friday, July 13, 2012

iphone Photogs & Photo Contest

Who says you need teeth to eat meat? Naomi, 7 months
We heart photography!  And for a long period in my teen’s and twenties I wanted to pursue photography with secret desires of becoming a National Geographic photographer traveling to the rain forests, and the Serengeti, in search of exotic mammals, and beautiful tribeswomen.  

That was the dream!  The reality is that we still love photography but with a family there is little time, or enough arms to carry diaper bags, car seats, and then... a camera bag.  So we decided to become iphone photogs.  
Here are some highlights from our iphones from the last week.  

Jean-Marie just inherited a "real" camera, you know the ones that used to take film? Yea real old school, I know! I’d like to get a “real” camera again... one day... but until then my iphone will have to do.
Fresh produce from the Co-op.  Rio Goza farm Ojai, CA

Cousin Izzy

Junk in the yard, Phelan CA

Homemade Pesto pasta with lemon zest

Wild Blueberry Chevre on multigrain crackers

David Beckham eat your heart out!

Will you play with me?

We want to see what pictures you take with your phone.  Email us here with a picture that you are proud of, and a title, and you could win a pair of BtanJerine earrings. Meet "Copper Coral" valued at $62. Ohhhh Ahhhh!!! Oh and did I mention that your picture will be featured here? 

Contest ends Friday July 20th, 2012 at 5pm (Pacific Time).  A winner will be picked and announced Monday July 23rd, 2012 at 8:00am (Pacific Time). 



yumi said...

Beautiful photos and subjects ..I'm partial to Naomi & Zion.... and the wild blueberry chèvre. :) hehehe Can't wait to see the winning photo. PS - those earrings are so cute!!! xo Y

Britney Manuel said...

Awww thanks dear! They are pretty cute if i do say so myself. Submit your photo girl it could be your winning photo.


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