Wednesday, August 22, 2012

Cancer Update

Photo Courtesy of Ashley Gonzalez
     After being 100% RAW for one week Jean said that she felt mentally the most clear that she’s ever felt.  She mentioned that she has been working on learning French for the last 4.5 years, and she noticed that after being RAW for 1 week, she was able to study her lessons so clearly and much faster than usual, with amazing comprehension!  She noted that normally she has to use a dictionary, but this week didn’t have to use one at all.

     At first she thought that she was going to feel like she was starving, but was pleasantly surprised when she did not starve!   She says that she was ready for her next meal but it never happened that she was destitute.

     Fast forward a few weeks and Jean Marie has been doing really great.  She has been able to rest and recuperate, and has a positive attitude (which is a powerful healing factor).  I’m sure she will be doing cart wheels in no time!


yumi said...

Jean Marie = Gorgeous woman, mommy, wife & friend! Love this photo. That smile captures her ever positive attitude. Thank you for sharing the update! :) xoxo

BtanJerine said...

Thanks Yumi.. It's been great having all the love and support!! Now on to radiation... Hopefully with this diet I can sail on through that... hugs to all!!!


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