Monday, August 27, 2012

New Endeavors

Sweet & Spicy Cashews Photo Courtesy of A Simply Raw Life

          We are very fortunate to have many creative’s as friends. And you know what happens when a bunch of creative’s get together, we feel like conquering the world through art and expression! Well we wanted to let all of our peeps know that while you will be able to find out the happenings of Jean-Marie and I here on the blog, we also have a new 2nd home. We are contributing writers for a great new endeavor A Simply Raw Life Blog. Here you will find great recipes, tips, etc... that are slanted toward the RAW/vegan side of life, but can be adapted to fit your lifestyle.

         Now if you’re thinking that this all sounds a little too extreme, don’t fret, Jean-Marie and I are not seasoned vet’s at this by any means, I mean we still love butter as much as the next person! But we also know that we have to respect our bodies, as well as set an example for these little people who seem to copy everything that we do!!! We have struggles just like you with feeling overwhelmed at times, wanting to give into cravings, or just being tired of another salad! But in the end we know that we are really doing something great for ourselves, or families, and the environment, while we try to create good habits for health.

So stop on by, say Hello and get inspired!


Felicia said...

Well said ladies! Thank you so much for being a part of my life. xox

BtanJerine said...

Well we are over the moon to have your support,and to be a part of something so positive! Love you!

Felicia said...

Can I just say again that I really, really appreciate your support! love you guys. xo Fe


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