Friday, January 2, 2009

January 1,2009 Girls Day Soiree

We ventured to have a girls party with about 12 girls from the Ventura area. And Jean-Marie and I would assist them in making a piece of jewelry. The ages ranged from 3-14, and it was a total hit with all of them! I think that we had just as much fun, listening to the things that kids say, as they did making jewelry! We then surprised the mothers of the girls with a special gift just for them... a unique pair of earrings! One of the guests told her mother, "You have to get their address because they are so invited to my next party!" :) We are totally flattered! After the girls made a necklace, many of them wanted to make another (these are our kind of girls). But it turned out to be a nice afternoon where we all got to know each other a little better. Another successful soiree. Stay tuned for the adventures of Jean-Marie and Britney and see what the 2009 year brings for b.tanJerine. A little birdie told me big things!


77free said...
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77free said...

Fun!!! I can't blame them, I'm an earring hog... not good for my :) not good for my 09 budget but whats a girl to do. I hope that means that B.tanJerine will have soiree in New York.


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