Friday, January 2, 2009

January 2, 2009 B.tanJerine's 1st Photo Shoot!

What a fabulous day for our photo shoot! Great friends helped to make the experience all the more sweet. Since b.tanJerine is all about "real people real jewelry", we thought that it would only be right to use our friends to model the jewelry. I think that the pictures reflected that these amazing women are ALL our friends! Even the photographer!

Jean-Marie and I are totally inspired by our friends and their personal accomplishments. Quite a few pieces from our new collection reflects that, with pieces that were directly inspired by Cormelle, Veronica, Yumi, Juli, Julissa, Chermelle, and Priscilla just to name a few. They have so many beautiful qualities that we were thrilled for them to have been a part of the adventure!

We started our shoot at the historic Sanbuenaventura City Hall and took a walking tour through Ventura finding quaint spots for the perfect pictures (like the one with the old MG). I doubled as the photographers assistant while Jean-Marie did the hair for the shoot. I had fun trying to make the girls laugh, as they constantly made me laugh with their funny faces, and wild poses. Watching all that America's Next Top Model really paid off! :) We ended up at a historic fountain in front of the Ventura Mission. Special thank you to Ashley! You did a great job finding the perfect spots!

Another special thank you goes to Kezia of Cara Mia in Ventura, CA. We couldn't have had such a successful shoot without your salon. Desiree and Tori did an amazing job on bringing out the natural beauty in our models. Thank you girls!!!

Well our website is well on it's way, until then see what we are up to here on our blog.

A bientot!

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77free said...

It was a great day. I must admit the cloudy skies had no impact on the bright smiles and hot jewelry. I was so inspired by the rustic locations, i felt like i was on a photo shoot for your soon to be jewelry competitor, just you wait and see how big btanjerine is going to become…rock on BandJ.


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