Friday, October 22, 2010

Recycle, Up cycle, Reclaim...

Do you recycle, up cycle, or reclaim? 
Well, here at BtanJerine we do. In fact we love doing it. Most of our jewelry has had another life and we have up cycled it to create a new look and to get new life out of the piece. The great thing about recycling is its a way of  back to the environment. 
Every time you re-use something that is one less thing that is going into our landfills or oceans. 

Check out these items:

What do they all have in common?
They are all common things we have around our house. Everything we buy comes in some sort of packaging. Why not re-use that packaging to wrap your next gift? All of our jewelry is sent out wrapped to our customers. And by re-using what we have we are able to give you what you want all the while helping out the environment.

My friend Gina is a huge recycler. Check out what she has re-purposed at her Etsy store. She has given me so many great idea's on how to keep my family and business Eco-friendly. 
Thanks Gina!! 

Here is one last example of how to re-use something:

What to do with an old egg carton? 

I like to use them to organize my current projects that I am working on. And come the spring I will be using these egg cartons to start my seedlings for my garden. I can't wait!!

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gina said...

yay! glad to help you out in some ideas in recycling! I am always keeping a little stash for you :)


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