Friday, October 29, 2010

Nature is inspiring!!!

I love nature and I know Brit does too. She loves exposing her Lil Z to new things all the time. For instance, last month she took her to the San Diego Zoo. Ever since I have had Baby L, I have become more and more aware of whats in our backyard. I am constantly trying to find more things for the backyard that can be exciting to play with, watch or observe. Well, today I got to experience something cool. The birth of 2 Monarch Butterflies. It was amazing. I can't wait for Baby L to experience it and learn from these beautiful creatures.

The first to emerge.

I got this one last photo before the first one flew off for good.

This was truly inspiring... the colors, the patterns, and the process.

On a side note, we sent out our first item that was sold on Etsy today. It was sold to a fellow Etsy friend. Thanks Raychel for your purchase and for being so inspiring to us. We hope you enjoy your Vintage Button Ring. 

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YuMi P said...

So beautiful! Isn't it just amazing to see that whole process?? :) Congrats on the first etsy sale!


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