Monday, November 1, 2010

Hurray... It's a jewelry give away

Today, I happen to be going through some stuff I had and I happen to run into a box of beaded jewelry. It was pretty dusty. As I opened it, it made me think of an old friend of mine. Many years ago when we had just moved to the area I be-friended an older woman here in our neighborhood. We talked about all types of things and She knew I liked to bead and make jewelry. Well, one day I went to her house and she had something for me. It was a box of vintage jewelry, beads, and brooches... She wanted me to have it and make fun things out of the stuff. She even showed me some of the things she had made many years ago. Well, today I found a box of her beaded jewelry. I love seeing what others create. The earrings she made are so intricate and at first I have to say... I thought they were nothing. They weren't my style. I wasn't that interested in them. But after I washed them and I thought about where they had come from I realized I needed to give them a chance. So, I wore this pair all day. And I have to say... I LOVE THEM!!! I plan to add them to my earring collection. 

So, I challenge you to wear something new, something bold, something different than your norm. 
You never know, you just might find a new love... 

Check out all that detail.
 I would never have had the patience to bead these much less multiple pairs.

I love how they catch the sun. 

They are so bold yet so light and airy!! 
Definitely a fun addition!!! 

In the box I found 5 pairs of earrings total. I'm keeping the pair I fell in love with but I wanted to pass the other 4 pairs on to you. For the first 4 people to leave me a comment with there email address, I will send you a pair of these vintage handmade earrings. They all look different so you will be totally surprised when you receive your pair. Are you interested in something new??? 


Caitooo said...

i love them!

CourtneyLemonLime said...

Let's keep it in the family! ;)
They're awesome! Court

Veronica said...

What a great idea! As someone who tends to stay in their "comfort zone" I would luv to try something different. Thanks for sharing fille! :)

YuMi P said...

How great is this?? :) You're so giving my dear! The ones you fell in love with are definitely you!! xo

Anonymous said...

I think this is really cool. I wish I had been here to respond earlier, although technically Veronica didn't leave her email address so maybe I can still be in the running?

Dominique said...

Sorry I missed out on the giveaway, but love the concept of finding something new in something old. Inspired to go through my old dusty box of jewelry and see what I discover. Maybe a GARAGE SALE necklace will be in there! Here's to hoping!!


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