Saturday, November 6, 2010


Could anything be more perfect than warm bread just from the oven? I think not!

As the creative mind would have it, jewelry is not our only form of creative expression. We love to try new things like knitting, making teas, photography, etc... I mean why not, life is full of so many wonderful things to try! I was recently inspired by the poetry of some friends and I decided to try and write some of my own, because I have a lot to say! :)

I have figured out that I’m not a carnivore…I’m a carbavore! And this is to all of my fellow carbavores! Here’s my 1st poem entitled “Carbs”.


Disclaimer: I wrote this under the influence of a juicing diet.

Oh why do you love me so?

You complex little devil

In all your glorious forms

Sourdough french toast with real maple syrup from Vermont

Grandma's homemade rolls with creamy (real) butter

Oversized cinnamon rolls dripping with cream cheese frosting

Mom's blueberry pancakes bursting with blueberries in every bite

Flaky guava pastries from Porto's

Maple oatmeal scones from the local bakery

Macaroni & cheese with 5 different varieties of cheese

Beignets lightly dusted with powdered sugar

As you can see I’ve not met a carb I don't like!

And I have no boundaries

Even when traveling abroad there's:

Brioche in France

Naan in India

Tortillas in Mexico

Injera in Ethiopia

Rosemary ciabatta in Italy

And I am not alone in my addiction to carbs

And for people like us there is a city called…..Paris

I once spent a whole week there and I ate nothing but baguettes from the local bouloungerie for a solid week

It begs the question how could such simple ingredients as flour, water, salt & yeast lead to such jubilation?

It is my belief that man can live on bread alone...and I intend to do just that!

1 comment:

YuMi P said...

Bravo!!! I'm hungry again after reading this! It doesn't help your juicing diet either being married to one who bakes some pretty darn good bread too!! lol.... I can smell the fresh bread now... add a little nutella to it and it's oN!! :P


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