Thursday, January 13, 2011

To The Organized Minimalist

Just looking at this picture brings a sense of peace.

This week we have been battling the flu making us feel like a couple of lumps on a log!  One thing I dislike about being under the weather is all the things that seem to go undone around me, laundry piles, mounting dishes, junk mail.  It feels daunting!  And I feel so discombobulated surrounded by all this “stuff”.  My daughter and I fit all of our belongings (well most of it) in one bedroom but there’s still junk coming out of our ears!  I can vouch for Jean-Marie too that she’s constantly trying to reduce what she has too, but before you know it, it seems that our “stuff” has reproduced like bunnies in heat!  
So i’ve decided I want to make a conscience effort to be a minimalist, and thus be organized!  The theory is that if you don’t have a lot of stuff it’s hard for it to get all messy, right?  The challenge is that we have children who comes with tons of paraphernalia, so we will have to be extra vigilant in our efforts. 
I’m going to get rid of stuff that holds me down, old statements, clothes that don’t fit, toys that are not used, etc... A life of clutter is one I will not live anymore!  And i'm going to start with... my purse.
Here’s to the uncomplicated life of an organized minimalist!  Just saying it I feel more peaceful!
What have you done in your life to make it less complicated?


YuMi P said...

Oh so true!! :) We've been slowly gathering all of the "unused" things around our house and selling them on craigslist. We've gotten rid of junk but have also gained a bit in our pockets!! (it's come in handy with some expenses!) woot!

Britney said...

That's great Y! I'm going to try to do that too. I guess it's not too complicated to do craigslist. And a bit of green is always welcome and needed!


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