Thursday, January 6, 2011

The Unconventional Bridal

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Bridal season is just around the corner. And there are some great trends in store for 2011! There is so much to talk about when it comes to Bridal... really so much... So we are going to start with one of the most important parts of wedding planning: THE DRESS!!!
Courtesy of Jaclyn Fisher, wedding consultant and co-owner of Two Little Birds Planning, for her expert advice on the hottest wedding trends of the year via we found out that "Vintage or retro- inspired with a modern twist is in. What's old is new." Hummm, we like that! Using vintage apart of your wedding will definitely give your wedding a unique feel. As with most vintage,  anything you use that is vintage can tend to be one of a kind. 
So what would a funky slightly off beat bride like?
Check out these wedding dresses we found on Etsy, (yes you can find all things handmade and VINTAGE on Etsy)! 
The Peppermint Pretty

this little number is entitled, "hey little lucy"

Pictures of Lily

See more of the peppermint pretty here:
All photographs courtesy of the peppermint pretty website.

and another shop we found 

Porshes Place


See more of the porshesplace here:
All photographs courtesy of the porshesplace  website.

Arn’t these great dresses?  Stay tuned for eco friendly ways to make your wedding green.
Is there something that you’d like to see us cover as far as weddings? Please, we’d love your feedback!

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