Friday, June 8, 2012

Everyday Foods Homemade: Peanut Butter

This is a staple in our house.  It’s so easy to make and it lasts forever....well it seems like it!

56 oz. peanuts
So all you will need are peanuts, and a high speed food processor.  I’ve used a variety of different peanuts, raw bulk, and then Planters.   Today I am using a 56 oz. can (you can buy this at Smart-N-Final).  I also use a high speed Vita-Mix.  
Fill your food processor about half way with peanuts.  Then blend.  Within a minute it will start to turn into peanut butter.  Continue to blend until you reach your desired consistency.
Once you are finished pour into sealable containers and refrigerate.
A 56 oz. can will make about 3.5 pints of peanut butter.  And then just store it in the fridge.  It keeps it in the fridge for months.

In our house we love to use it for simple PB+J’s, smoothies, or with crackers and honey.  And also it makes a great gift paired with homemade jam (stay tuned for the strawberry jam tutorial).
So simple!  You know what’s in it, its fresh, you feel good about giving it to your kids, and it’s quite cost effective at about $3/pint.

**Note: Be careful not to overload your mixer, it is a lot of work for your machine and you don’t want it to burn out (learned that the hard way).
**Note:  Whether you use raw peanuts or canned ones, peanuts have natural oil so there is no need to add oil or anything else.  

Bon Appetite!

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