Saturday, March 19, 2011

Day 2: 10 Things to be Thankful for-Good Friends

What would we ever do without our good friends. They are the spice of life. They are there to make you laugh when you want to cry. And they let you cry when you wish you could laugh.

So here are 3 friends I'm truly grateful for: Britney, Jaclyn, and Yumi. I was going to get mushy on this one but have decided to leave it as Thank You for being so dear to me. 
Life just wouldn't be as colorful if you weren't in it.

All I can say here is: Bagels, Rap music, and Early Mornings!!

I also would just like to add, That I am thankful for when I get reaquainted with old friends. I wish I had more time for everyone in my life but I will take the moments on the phone, the e-mails, the random meetings in the wine country. All those moments are spice of life.

One of my most favorite pics :)

I couldn't agree with Jean-Marie more!

Send us a picture of whom you are so Thankful for. We'd love to post it. Or maybe you just want to give them a shout out. I have to say As I was writing this post, it made me want to post so many more pictures and say so much more. But I think I may reserve that for a card to each of my good friends in the near future thanking them for there wonderful life long friendship.


YuMi P said...

What a beautiful post! :) :) I am so thankful to have you two beautiful sisters in my life. Thank you both for your continued steadfast friendship, encouragement and all the happy times we've had and WILL have! xo

b.tanjerine unique jewelry said...

Yumi you are gonna make me cry!!! We love you too from the bottom of our hearts! We feel fortunate that you are our sister too!!!! Big group hug (((hugging))).

b & j


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