Saturday, February 2, 2013


Amazing Keynote address Stefan Sagmeister getting us all happy!

When my friend Felicia (from A Simply Raw Life) invited me to go to ALT I had never heard of it but it sounded like something that I would love (a conference for bloggers and creatives).  I was so happy that I didn't bail!  What a great experience, all in the environment of women helping women to thrive and find their voice in this blogesphere.  I was completely inspired and motivated to make some big changes with this blog and other creative ideas.  There is so much to say that I am choosing to leave this short and sweet.  I cannot wait to see how this year unfolds and how I grow!  Won't you come along for the ride? 

Felicia of A Simply Raw Life, Tanya of Its Sweet & Savory, Deborah of My Life at Playtime, and me

Wednesday, October 24, 2012


So last week, I was totally inspired when Felicia (of A Simply Raw Life) and I hopped on over to Joy's  book signing at West Elm in Los Angeles.  We had the opportunity to meet the darling author of the new book,  "Blog, Inc." Joy Cho, who's nothing less than a blogging Yoda for all lost and wayward bloggers looking for a beacon of light to navigate in this virtual maze!  Need I say more?  Check her out here and be awed!

It is my plan that after I read this book I will know all the secrets to captivate readers, seem more witty, and I may even stand a bit taller, or at least my posts may be a bit more regular :)

Thanks for stopping by!


Wednesday, October 17, 2012


Well hello There!

Well life certainly does have a way of keeping us busy.  As one who resists the changing of hot to cold, sandals to boots, I've found a few things that make the transition a bit more enjoyable.  Here are a few things I've been dreaming about from Pinterest...






1.  A cozy bunny sweater for Z.  Bunny Sweater by Oeuf find it here.

2.  Love these funky hats that Jean-Marie introduced to me by Annie Larson.  She is one creative I'd love to be friends with.  Totally adorbs and found here!!!

3.  With these Oscar De La Renta scalloped suede pumps  I welcome Fall with open arms.  You can too here.

4.  Snuggling in fuzzy socks and perhaps one of those snuggie things writing some handwritten notes.  I love handwritten notes, especially when they are as pretty as these.  You can find some great stationary by Rifle Paper Company  here.

5.  A cool scarf for a new way to wear my hair would be fantastic.  Perhaps one like this one here.
A Rusty floral turban headband by the Etsy seller RaynaJaye.

6.  And then this is the humorous reality of my life!

Friday, September 14, 2012


Rag Doll from Jess Brown Designs

Lately dolls have been on our minds.  My daughter is really getting into playing with dolls as of recent, so I was thinking I'd like for her to have a nice collection of unique dolls to play with.  When I was growing up I remember having a cabbage patch kid, remember those?  And I have a cabbage patch look alike that my grandmother made when I was a little girl  that Z has taken a fancy to.  

So here are some of the dolls I'd love to add to her doll collection and I think Jean would too!!! 

Stuffed Menswear Bunny from Martha Stewart

Kitty from The Black Apple

Electra The Horse from BlaBla Kids

Trio of Mini Monsters from Sauman Smith


Monday, September 10, 2012


Here are some pieces and new beginnings from my past week.

Swinging at the Fair

Me and the babes on her first day of preschool 

LA County Fair 2012 
M & Z conversate over deep and stimulating novels :)

A gift from miss Z

Homemade strawberry & mint pops inspired by Family Sponge

A special waffle turtle for my big girls first day inspired by little nummies

I never get sick of sunset pictures!

Friday, September 7, 2012

Say's Friday!!!!

Psssssst.....Coming soon to the shop!!! And if you want to see other shiny things hop on over to our shop here.

Monday, September 3, 2012

BtanJerine In Action Winner is...

@edensvillage submitted some great shots of her whole family working out which was really inspiring, from the littlest family member to the oldest.  Great work @edensvillage.  Lookout for your new earrings coming soon to you!


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